Hypnosis for the Betterment of Life
Holistic and Scientific Approach
for Improving People's Lives

       The Center for Intuitive Guidance                                                              

10501 Success Lane
Suites 131 and 132
Dayton, Ohio 45458
(First Floor)

Valerie Hoffman
Certified Hypnotist
National Association of Professional Women
C. Ht. BA
"I am a Hypnotherapist utilizing Hypnosis for weight loss, smoking, pain management and other personal issues people want to change in their lives. I do this is a HOLISTIC manner. There are NO drugs nor medications." 

A Hypnotherapy Session including a free Consultation is $75.00. I offer a special package of THREE sessions for $150.00, reducing the individual session to  $50.00. Many clients take advantage of this offering as they find multiple hypnotherapy sessions produce a longer period of change for the achievement of their life changing goals.

Valerie in a Hypnotherapy Session

"My approach, utilizing Hypnosis is more scientific and goal orientated. How better to help people realize their life changes to a better, healthier lifestyle?"

I provide Services in the Following Areas

My services are all by APPOINTMENT ONLY


Weight Loss and Control 

Tobacco Addiction and Stopping
Stress Reduction and Control
Alcohol Management

Pain Management
Sleep Problems
Migraine Headaches
Confidence Building
Emotional Stress Relief
Sports Injury Confidence Recovery
Self Confidence
Sleep Enhancement
Drug Addiction 

I work with medical practitioner's referred for pain management and migraine headaches when clients prescription drugs are not producing the desired results. People experiencing a traumatic event such as a car accident, assault or other event resulting in a reduction of positive life experience can, and often do find relief through Hypnotherapy.

Spiritual Search and Journeys

I have been providing the below services for a number of years and for the specific purposes of  helping people find out why they suffer from a variety of aliments. Whether physical or emotional or both, many times the processes below provide answers and lead to solutions. This is a holistic method of solving life's ongoing issues without medications.

Past Life Regression
In-between Lives
Future Progression

Holistic Seminars

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I can specifically design a program to assist you to stop smoking, Wei
ght Lost or help you in your Stress or Pain Management. I also provide other services in the areas of Anxiety, Confidence Building, Sleep Management, Sports Holistic Healing, family and Children Life Coaching.

    The power of Hypnotherapy Empowers you to make huge Healing changes in your life!

   The Center for Intuitive Guidance
Centerville, Ohio


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   I am
 located at the
The Southern Ohio Holistic and Wellness Center
Executive Offices
10501 Success Lane
Suites 131 -132
Dayton, Ohio 45458

All Sessions are by Appointment Only
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Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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